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about Fortitude


(Fortitude: To have courage in the face of adversity or pain.)
Fortitude Health and Performance is an online coaching business specializing in mindset, nutrition, and body transformation. My program is 100% customized to your specific needs. This is not a “one size fits all” or “get abs in 12 weeks” gimmick program. You will learn proper nutrition for your body type, develop mindset strategies to overcome bad habits and adversity, to become the greatest version of yourself. 

the  pROGRAM 

Upon joining the program you will receive your customized meal plan and workout plan build around your specific needs. Meal plans will have each day planned out with exact foods, recipes, and convenient shopping list with exact servings, for each food item. Workout plans are 100% customized to your specific goals and to what equipment you have available. You will also receive daily mindset coaching to overcome unhealthy habits and future adversity that may hold you back from reaching your greatest potential. Once again, this is not a premade “12 week or 16 week” cookie cutter program. Every client is different, and therefore will respond differently to nutrition and workouts. Your plan is constantly being modified based on how you are responding to your specific plan.


  What you get

–Customized Meal Plan

–Customized Workout Plan

–Daily Mindset Coaching

–Weekly check-ins

–Monthly Assessments

–24/7 Coaching support 



3 Month Program (Best value)

Month to month Program

Individual plans (No coaching)





“Tyler is exceptional! Not only is he extremely personable and professional, but helps me continually focus on specifics to help push my fitness and goals to the next level. You can’t find better quality coaching!”

Melanie Kunz


Change is waiting!

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    Change is waiting!

    Fortitude health & performance